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Is it Junk or Art? It's both!

Whenever I see a pile of metal junk, I know there are creatures trapped in there that want to be set free and it’s up to me to release them from the scrap metal and bring them to life. When I find a piece of pipe, I may know it’s a leg but I’m not sure if it’s a goat leg or a sheep leg……. they’re different you know.  If I only find three, I need to decide if this goat only has three legs or if I’m not seeing it correctly.  Maybe it’s not a leg at all, maybe it’s a giraffe neck so I have to find that giraffe head I have there in the pile and put them together to find out. Eventually as I dig into the pile the rest of the animal reveals itself. Generally, the head is the first thing to take a chance and allow me to see it, then I go to the pile of eyes and ears and find the matching set, from there the rest falls into place quickly. As I start welding the parts together it slowly comes back to life. It can take a while to be fully liberated for some animals. They spend time on the shelf, watching and waiting for the prefect set of legs or horns or tails. They’re always patient with me though because they know I’ll wait until the right fit is there and I won’t make a mistake. Meanwhile they’re out of the junk pile and on the way to being released so they wait and offer me suggestions as I work. They may be a little rough around the edges, they might be rusty or have a tail welded a little off center or have a couple extra holes, but they’re sturdy and are much happier to decorate a yard rather than be trapped in a pile of scrap metal.


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